We are a full-service auto repair facility. We specialize in MERCEDES-BENZ and also service other World Class autos like BMW,Volvo,Audi,VW,Smart and Land Rover.

* Full OEM Maintenance Service (Mercedes-Benz)

The vehicles computer determines the scope of service needed  “A,B,C,D ” etc.,based on mileage driven from last service or time from last service.All services include either a minor or major inspection and an oil and filter change.Air,dust and fuel filters,spark plugs and transmission oil and filter  may also need replacing.Also at certain time intervals,the brake fluid and coolant/anti-freeze will need replacing.

* Complete Diagnostics to Major Repairs

Current model diagnostic software will provide an analysis of the vehicles management computers.

* Wheel Alignment and Tire Service

Using the latest CEMB equipment,we can ensure the wheels are properly balanced and  aligned perfectly for optimum safety and comfortabe driving.

* Insurance and Pre-Purchase Inspections

Comprehensive inspection of the vehicles systems will give you peace of mind.

* OEM and Quality Aftermarket Parts.

Genuine Mercedes-Benz,Mann,Bosch,Mobil 1,Pagid,Lemforder.